Me Loves the Thrifty Loot

Yesterday I went to my favorite thrift store, which I like to support because it runs a local women's safe home shelter. I found some great silver pieces to use for my tea party buffet tables which will need some TLC . Like I need any more......but I can't resist silver serving pieces!

But the pièce de résistance was when I was paying for everything (I also got some cool tee shirts for number two son) a volunteer worker was pricing stuff behind the counter, sitting on the floor. I leaned way over the counter and spotted a plate on the floor and firmly requested (because a lady next to me saw it too) May I please see that plate? It was gorgeous! Loden green and mulberry, like my company colors! The floral pattern with the curvy edges is screaming at me with beauty. I assume it is a cake plate because of the cut-outs on the two sides (?). But it is a standard size plate, not larger like a cake plate.

On the back, it is stamped in red Royal Coburg Germany with a crown emblem. Any of my antique dealer blog friends out there know anything about that maker?

And everything was 50% off! Gotta love that. I was doin' a jig when I left the store! So, now where to hide everything for a while so hubby doesn't notice "more stuff"? I'm running out of hiding places....


I forgot to mention the procured pretty-in-pearls earrings.

Sometimes after polishing and cleaning, me thinks that I would not use the piece for use at my tea parties. Either it just didn't have the post-cleaning sparkle factor, there is too much wear or it is just icky. So I'll find another use for it.

How do you like my new key & cell holder I'm going to put by the front entry?

Fluff and function!

P.S. So why is it I will spend a couple of hours cleaning thrift-find junk, when I should be cleaning my house?


Shannon said...

According to my google research (I was intrigued) it's a mark of RS Prussia. Go to rsprussia.com for collectors info.
And it's beautiful!

Shabby in the City said...

Dad-gone that plate was a find and a half!! I love the cell phone/key holder ha!
I was in the Salvation Army yesterday and I was eyeballing a chenille blanket not yet put out...I almost got my head bit off by the lady...who wasn't about to let me see it. And I didn't get to either!

Lucy said...

Love the gorgeous plate!! Can I come shopping with you?? LOL

I love it that you have to hide the more "stuff" from hubby...lol..at least they are thrift finds, there could be worse purchases a gal could make, deepening the hole in the pocketbook!!


nel said...

Gorgeous finds...the silverware and the plate are all beautiful. And I love your 'fluff and function' by the front door...very stylish. And the answer to your question...when you know it, tell me, lol. I would rather create than cleean any day.

Heidi said...

That little divided dish is just perfect for a 'stuff' holder by the door! I need to look for some of those silver wipes, as I hate dragging out the polishing cream. Nice finds!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

That plate you picked up is absoluty gorgeous and I just love how you put your phone and keys in that cute little holder...brilliant!

Sarah and Jack said...

The silver looks so lovely all polished up. Now, if I only I had the gumption to polish some of my own...

I think that if the plate is RS of Prussia, it is valuable. At least that's what my grandpa always tells me.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see myself linked here! I was being nosey over on the Pink and Green swap blog (the blog whore that I am) and I'm clicking on all the blogs and I see yours - while I'm drooling over your silver - I check to see if you know ArtTeaLife and tadah, not only do you, you know me! LOL! Funny!!! Love it!
But anywho, back to your finds - yes, don't we love the silver!!! And the tea party in your daughter's room is just adorable with a capital SWEET!!
That cake plate is beautiful! I can almost imagine a scuffle with the lady who probably wanted to beat you up in the parking lot and steal your plate! LOL! (warped humor, I know)
But it's so nice to "meet" you and I must go link your blog on my mile long list now :)
Cheers with the gentle tinking of fine bone china.

norththreads said...

Oh, I just love your Blog!!!! Too bad I missed the draw!! Fabulous treasures!!!! Im a fellow thrita-holic!

Rebecca said...

Love the plate and the silver pieces! I've been in the market for silver pieces myself, maybe I'll get some of your luck! :)

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