Let Them Eat (Teapot & Teacup) Cakes

I have high aspirations to someday make some of the creative tea theme cakes I've come across. I have every size frosting tip, tons of bags, supplies, sprinkles galore and a bunch of molds - yes, I even admit that I fell for buying the Bake 'n Fill cake dome molds - remember those commercials?. It's still in box....but I have everything I would ever need JUST IN CASE (part of my event planner hoarding issue I have) I want to make a cake.

But let's be honest, if I need a theme cake I'll probably end up calling one of my
amazing cake vendors to make it for me! But I definitey want to try it out someday.

Here are some links for how to's for these teapot & teacup cakes.

The Southern Living teapot cake (as seen here)

The Wilton teapot & teacups directions.

A variety of tea party cake photos from real cake makers at Coolest Birthday Cakes

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