Newbie Blogger Needs Your Help!

So, being new to the blogging world I could use some help. I really loathe the boring header. I've been trying to figure out how to upload my own graphic banner to it. I don't know code.

Can someone give me some advice on how to upload my own header or direct me to someone I could pay to create me a custom template?

I'd appreciate it!

Thanks in advance! Risa


Shabby in the City said...

I make banners all the time and like to change mine. I make them the same size but something weird is happening and I think it is blogger's fault...mine are posting as tiny little ones. I keep reverting back to the old one because of the glitch. Anyway...I can try to help you or if you want a professional I love this designer... http://www.avalonrosedesign.net/

Sarah and Jack said...

You can try this website here:

or this

For help.

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