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I have been wanting to carry my cupcakes to my tea parties in one of these Cupcake Couriers for a long time. But I am a color snob, and did not care for the "soft blue sky color" which is the only color it currently is available in. For some reason, blue does nothing for me....

But I really need them for some tea parties I have coming up and called to order, even if it is blue. So today I just happened to talk with Jennifer Gunn, the mom-of-two-inventor and designer of the
Cupcake Courier to order a couple and mentioned I really like the pink and wished it was available. She joyfully informed me that the shipment just came in, and is being transferred to their warehouse from the port!
They will be offered in other translucent colors if pink is not your color.

YAY! I can get them in PINK! I can't wait to get them and show pics!

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Lilli said...

The pink certainly is cute. I like all the colours except for the blue :)

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