Get Beneath the Surface

Some of my most beautiful pieces of silver that I use for my buffet tables were not so beautiful when I found them.

I confess to having a lil' bit of a shopping disorder -aka- retail therapy. But I'm not a mall rat or standing in line at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale early in the morning, kind of shopaholic. I have an affinity for the cheap stuff. Second-hand stores, thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, Big Lots or 99cents Only Stores. Hubby says my minivan is on autopilot to all the local thrift stores and requires no GPS for them.

It's the challenge I guess, of perusing aisles and counters of junk to then have your gaze fall on *it*. It just happened last week. I had to go to a local second-hand store to find a winter jacket for my son's camping trip because all the department stores only had their spring/summer stuff out. I found the perfect Old Navy jacket for $3 bucks and then meandered over to the kitchen wares. Sitting on the top shelf was a very tarnished silver bride's basket. My heart raced. Could it be? Quickly I snatched it and did a quick look-over...no dents...no silver rubbed off...no scratches. But it was almost black with tarnish, perhaps why it had been passed over. I have been wanting a bride's basket for a long time, and all the ones on ebay were too pricey! My new find was only $13 bucks. I couldn't wait to get home to start polishing it off to see what was beneath the tarnish.

Out came my favorite silver cleaning product, a tub of
Wipe Ease wipes and began removing the tarnish. After discovering these wipes I will never use goopy silver cleaner or useless cloths again - these wipes work! It took several wipes and some elbow grease, but once it was rinsed off and dried, the silver just shined and sparkled! And the engraved detail that was now apparent was beautiful. Oh, I was so proud of my new find, it just made my heart sing! For those of you (who have even read this far) who collect antiques or silver KNOW EXACTLY of the feeling I am talking about.

So never judge a piece if it is tarnished. Underneath is a shiny, sparkly thing just waiting for someone to know its true worth, and to take the time and elbow grease to discover and appreciate the beauty. Just like ourselves, those around us and our loved ones.....get beneath the surface.

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