Mrs. Lewis' Baby Shower Tea Party

Today was the Baby Shower Tea Party hosted by my son's 2nd Grade Class, that I volunteered to organize one week ago. It was so much fun, the kids had a great time and so did the moms who attended. Mrs. Lewis is a wonderful teacher and very sweet person. She deserved to have something special! Here is a recap and link to photos to view the photo gallery.

The decor consisted of blue and green, a welcome diaper wreath hung on the door, the student's tables each had a diaper "cake" centerpiece, the buffet had another diaper cake, and the cupcake tier had a diaper cake topper. I made them all.

As the kids arrived the girls were provided a boa to wear. Even some of the boys wanted to join in!

To begin the first activity, I gave Mrs. Lewis an unstuffed teddy bear - "Baby Brad's 1st Teddy Bear". All of the kids were given a piece of stuffing and a small card. I asked all the kids to write down a "blessingway" (an old Navajo tradition of providing the soon to deliver mother-to-be a gift - usually beads made into a necklace to wear during delivery, but ours was a teddy bear) on the card. Each child read out loud their blessingway and then filled the bear with their stuffing and passed it on. Most of the blessings were "I hope your baby is healthy / happy etc." one child hoped the baby gets a motorcycle! They were all very sweet and Mrs. Lewis enjoyed their well wishes. See the photos to view the cute tee shirt that the teddy wore. All the cards were collected and given to Mrs. Lewis.

The next activity, four students were selected to play a Bootie-Licious game. Basically it is a baby bootie attached to the end of a piece of licorice. Hands behind their back, whoever ate down to the bootie won! Then Mrs. Lewis opened some gifts, meantime we had a pillow case available for the kids to sign for Mrs. Lewis to take a pillow to the hospital with their special message.

Next were treats and tea! There was a wonderful buffet of egg salad sandwiches, turkey & ham sandwiches, cheese & crackers, blueberry & cream scones, strawberries, fruit, cookies, mini muffins, brownies, etc. The most popular with the kids seemed to be the mini powdered doughnuts! The ladies sipped Cream Tea or decaf Mint tea and the kids had apple juice served to them from silver teapots.

For the next activity, four students were selected to see who could drink the most milk from a baby bottle. Those poor kids cheeks must have been sore!

After the grand finale of cupcakes (I got to use my new Cupcake Courier) -my sons helped me make the candy pacifiers - see above- and it came to an end, everyone cleaned up and Mrs. Lewis was left with wonderful gifts and a warm memory of her special 2nd Graders and their Baby Shower Tea Party in her honor.

When I spoke with the Principal briefly she said when she heard about the teddy bear blessingway, she almost teared up!

Click here
to view the photo gallery of this event.


Martha said...

Mrs. Lewis looks so happy to be so honored. I loved checking out the expressions on the students faces in the different pictures. It looks like they all enjoyed the tea party shower. Your candy pacifiers are darling. What a lovely idea to expose 2nd graders to the pleasures of tea parties.

Lilli said...

I love that cute diaper cake!

Vanessa V said...

Yep. I think it is official, Mrs. Lewis is pregnant. :) I went to see the other pics and got a glimpse of her lovely belly. WOW! That was some party!!! Amazing! She must have felt so very lucky!

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