Tea time coloring pages

Someday I will have a "how to" tea party book published. I already have the title, content, photos (in my head) and everything. It's number 102 on my list of life goals. In the meantime, I do my research and dream of who I would love to illustrate my someday children's tea party book (number 103). I love the work of Michal Sparks, she's done the art for Emilie Barnes' books on manners for children.

Anyhoo, I came across Michal Sparks' website and she offers free coloring pages, and some of them are of a teacup, teapot, tea treats etc. Click here to find the links under Complete Coloring Book to download the coloring pages (you'll have to right click, "save as" to your computer, and then print).

These are great for Mommies, party planners, teachers, Grandmas, Sunday school teachers etc. for a tea theme time. There are also some darling bookmarks on manners to print.


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