Nikkala said...

I was blog hopping and ended up here. Absolutely love it all! I've always wanted to be a party planner, but have no idea of how to begin. You are amazing and have the cutest ideas.

Shabby in the City said...

No time to do all those things when you are busy designing new banners! (told ya so...)
Well I love this banner best of all!

Anonymous said...

And when you're done with yours, come on over and do mine too :) Heh hehe!

Your banner with the tea cups reminds me of a teacup birdfeeder a friend gave me once upon a time. I think it broke in a Texas hail storm... so sad.

The ParTea Planner said...

Phyllis - ya'll are vewy, vewy baaaad influence!

Smoochie - wouldn't change your banner one bit, the lips are just way too funny!


Jules said...

wow i was doing a blog hop you know start at a friends blog hop to the next etc and came to you
wow what a trip i had alove;y visit thanks but had to make my own cuppa.Did take me a while being an Aussie to work out holla meant comment,I love your creativity and imagination.you inspire me as i love to teaparty and love fine china old teacups and roses etc your parties look superb congratulations.Feel fee to check out my china


Anonymous said...


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