Tea sheets. I mean, tear sheets.

Back in March I posted a really cute pattern for this tea apron from a really cool crafty mag called Adorn. Well here is the recipe on how to make these yummy petite fours.

And here is an idea on how to adorn your own teapot.

I've been looking all over for this magazine with no luck, so I guess I will just have to contact them directly. I DO NOT want to miss out on this eye candy! Believe me, it is rare to find really cute, funky tea party layouts to put in my notebook to savor. So if my audience of three out there ever comes across tea-related tear sheets, by all means tear away and mail 'em my way!

I'm such a hoarder....

Photos from Adorn Magazine


a pink-bee said...

Just found your wonderful blog, it is soooo neat! Thanks for the link to the recipe for the petite fours, can't wait to try them. I love tea parties and all the fun that goes with having one.
Just redid a tray for a tiny tea for one on my blog. :)

Rebecca said...

I just subsribed, this magazine looks great! :)

a pink-bee said...

Hi Risa- thanks for stopping by my blog. I put your tea party graphic up :)
Hope you come by often to visit :)

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