Spring Fling Pink & Green Goodness Swap

Today is the deadline to ship out my goodies for the Spring Fling Sweet Goodness Swap. This is my first blogging swap. Not swapping blogs, swapping theme items with fellow bloggers. You know what I mean. My swap is with Heidi, her blog is Vacuuming in High Heels & Pearls.


What can I say? I adore pink and green.
It's been my favorite color combination before they were "IN". I decorated my only daughter's room in pink & green over three years ago, and I have yet to get bored with it. And I bore easy.

Soooooooooooooooooooo. Let's just say I got a little carried away with this swap, it's so obvious. I couldn't help myself! A combination of my favorites - thrift shopping and craft-making (which I have not done in so long, it was nice to revisit being crafty), PLUS the pink & green factor.


{ S }
is for Sprinkles

Included in the swap is a recipe (scroll down) for my favorite childhood cookie recipe that my mom used to make. So maybe Heidi will make a batch and sprinkle some of this sugar luhvvvvv on them...

From perusing Heidi's blog I noticed that she really likes Pyrex. I searched high & low, went on my thrift store circuit, and prayed to the thrift gods to let me find a Pyrex bowl! But it had to have green on it, and not be so big/heavy that I would pay an arm and a leg for postage. No luck for the longest time. So on my last attempt, on the last day of searching, lo and behold I found this little guy! "AWHHHHHHHH" *thrift angels choir singing* It's the thrill of the search, eh?

{ P } is for Pamper Goodies

I put together some homemade aromatherapy stuff in the "Pink Sugar" scent. The scented Soap Petals were a lot of fun, as I had been wanting to make them for a while, so now was my excuse! I'll post later how to make them. Here's a thrifty bowl the goodies are in.


{ R } is for Recipes & Recipe Cardholder

I found a thrifty retro '70s cookbook with an avocado green cover . I wanted to include some of my fave sweet recipes, so this was my first attempt to make a paper lunch bag mini scrapbook. It has slots to hold the recipe cards, and also added a brief description of what that recipe means to me. This item was from my heart. I enjoyed making it so much, I am inspired to make one for my very close girlfriends and send it to them for Mother's Day. I know I always appreciate getting someones all-time favorite recipe because there is usually a story or history behind it...

This is just a fork I bent out of shape to hold a recipe card or a menu card.

{ I } is for Initially Yours

I thought about painting pink & green polka dots and flowers on the H, but decided to just keep it simple. Heidi can switch out the ribbon to hang it on the wall to match her decor if she likes.

{ N } is for Notebook of Goodies

That's Heidi's little girl, Maren on the cover (I snuck it off her blog). Isn't she just the cutest? And her chubby cheeks are pink and match the theme! The fabric block swatches behind the words are from a local linen company swatch samples box that has been sitting around in my office. I thought I would use them for crafting instead...

This one was a blast! I had a great time thinking up all the little goodies that could fit into these baseball card holders. I included wallet size photos of floral images from my baby shower that was also pink & green.

There are four pages total, but I don't want to bore y'all with every one.

{ G } is for Glam Kitchen Gloves

Pink gloves! Couldn't resist including them in the theme. But lemmee tell ya - it is H.A.R.D. to find a glue that will stay permanent to latex. So sorry Heidi, if the lace cuffs falls off....


{ G } is for Goodies for Maren

A little gift from my two year old to her two year old.
Just a few girlie-girl goodies like flower clips and satin bow clips that I made. And of course a feather boa and (plastic) teacups for her to have a tea party! I love the pink plastic jar - found it at the .99 cents store and bought 'em out. I added the lid sparkle.


Wrapped up and ready to go!

Overall, for my first swap, I had a wonderful time because it has been so long since I have done anything crafty, and I hope Heidi enjoys her new pink & green goodies.



Dear Risa,

I got your swap package yesterday and I can't decide if I love you for being the best swap partner ever or hate you for making me look like the most lame-o swap partner ever! LOL ;) Seriously, I was blown away by the lovely package you sent. You were so very thoughtful and generous and I appreciate every single little detail that you included!

I had to giggle when I saw the pink & green sanding sugar! I'm definitely going to make your Mom's sugar cookie recipe and those will be perfect for the decorating. I've been looking for a good cut-out cookie recipe for along time now and I'm eager to try this one! And you had me right on the Pyrex!

I love the little spa items you made! They smell wonderful and the little bowl is darling--I can't believe you found that while out thrifting! It's just perfect.

The brown bag album you made is just darling! The recipes in it sound delicious, perfect for me because I have one serious sweet tooth! YUM! I love the little recipe holder, too! What did you use to bend the fork tines? I saw a similar one in a catalog a while ago and decided to try it with one of my old thrifted silver spoons but I don't think I had the right tools. The vintage recipe book looks interesting and I look forward to reading it.

I love the H! I have a little collection of Hs that I've found and this will be a perfect addition! I'm especially fond of the polka dot ribbon! :)

The notebook--Wow! Risa, this is one of the most clever gift ideas I've seen in a long time! I was absolutely tickled pink to open it up and look through all the little goodies. What fun! I know several people for whom this would be a perfect gift, so I hope you don't mind if I use your idea. It's just wonderful! I love that you used the photo of Maren on the front from my blog. That is one of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken of her, so it is especially sweet to me.

The gloves are a hoot! How did you know that I do all my dishes and cleaning in rubber gloves? I just hate how my hands feel after soaking in hot water and soap and chemicals, so I have to wear them. The pink gloves are much cuter than the ugly yellow ones I've been using!

Thank you also for the other goodies--the shoes (which Maren thinks belong to her) and the CD and the sweets. Thank you also SO much for the darling little jar for Maren! What a treat for her. She has played with it nonstop since I opened the box! All of the little treats you included are just darling! You are so sweet to think of her.

Risa, the whole package was just amazing. I truly appreciate all of the work you did in making everything match and using the cute little labels and pretty ribbon & wrappings. I do hope you'll keep swapping; anyone would be lucky to have you as their partner!

Thank you again!

You are most welcome, Heidi!
I really enjoyed it all!
Oh, for the fork I just used my gool ol' thumbs to push the tines back (yah, it hurts a little - but then isn't a thing of beauty worth the pain? tee hee), then needle-nose pliers to pry the tines outward in the back, and upward in front to hold the card.


Here is the recipe card for my Mom's wonderful cookie recipe:

This recipe is the most special one to me. Mom made these all during my childhood. I remember her making these cookies into Christmas tree, bell & star shapes and I would frost them. During Halloween she would make them as pumpkin shapes and pipe the frosting into pumpkin faces, and that is what I would take to my classmates. They always thought they were the best cookies, and I was so proud that MY mom made them!


Peta said...

Gosh, everything is so gorgeous! I am green with envy of Heidi! I especially love the little book of goodies!

a bit of pink heaven said...

Gorgeous....Heide will be thrilled!


Rebecca said...

This is gorgeous! Heidi will love it. She is one of my favorite blogger friends as we've been chatting for about a year now. :)

I love the gloves! Too cute. And the book of goodies is divine, you've inspired me because that is how I keep my scrapbook goodies and I've given little books of goodies to other scrapping friends before but I never thought to decorate the cover! Duh! :)

Betty Jo said...

Your blog is totally awesome! Your photos are all so gorgeous. I'm so glad you popped by, it reminded me of the give-away. I downloaded the give-away logo the other day and totally forgot to post it. I will do that right away!! xoxo

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

wow! what fantastic goodies you've put together!!! i love the notebook full of trims and doo-dads! so creative! :)

JayJenny said...

I am so impressed! And a bit jealous of Heidi's gifts!! You are very talented and oh-so crafty. I loved your ideas and your cute packaging. Way to go!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

For somebody who hasn't crafted in a long time you knocked it outta the ballpark!! Wow! She's gonna turn cartwheels. Great bloggy photos :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful. I wish I knew about this before two days ago. Have a great day!!!

Tina Kay

Malady said...

I wanted to do that swap but I was intimidated by all the creative things people were doing. I wish I had done it now because I could have gotten a great swap partner like you! What a wonderful and creative gift!!!

Christy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! All of it! I would say you did really well considering this was your first swap and it looks like you really had fun putting it all together. Heidi will love it!

Laurie said...

Wow! I especially love the book of goodies, will have to try that one sometime! :)

Lori said...

What a lovely bunch of goodness!! Your swap partner is quite lucky. I am having a little pink and green give away right now, ends on Friday. Come and visit if you like.

Lucy said...

Oh my goodness, I am soooo impressed and inspired by your goodies!! I find it hard to believe this is your first swap, you obviously are a great gift giver, so thoughtful and full of creativity. I am not sure what my favorite item is, they all are so lovely!! Heidi is going to be in Pink and Green heaven!!!


norththreads said...

Wow! Spoiled!!!!! What a lucky girl Heidi is! Fabulous package!!! It all matches the bag!


Oooooh wowie wowie wow i lurvvvv it all. What a beautiful bunch of prezzies you made Risa.
Clever and thoughtful you !

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, pretty pretty pretty!

Hmm... let's think of the world's longest word and use it for a swap. (you're my partner)

The ParTea Planner said...


There. I'll send yah a Mary Poppins original soundtrack and a black umbrella!

Anonymous said...

I love it all! Those soap petals are adorable too--I hope you share how to make them with us soon!

Rae said...

Those are such wonderful items! Heidi is a very lucky swap partner. I love the notebook, the recipe book, the gloves..just everything! Pink & green has been one of my favorite color combo for years too! Have a great weekend!

Karmyn R said...

I have decided you are THE craftiest gal around. I'm a bit jealous. WOW!!!!!

Katie Jean said...

goodness gracious, girl, you outdid yourself! I love what you sent. Heidi is one luck gal.

deb said...

How generous.. and everything is wrapped with such TLC. Just gorgeous.

I just found your blog and am in awe of everything. Can't wait to explore a bit more. Have a *happy* day! xo

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