The New Goodies Are Here!

"The new goodies are here! The new goodies are here!"
(Visualize Steve Martin skipping in
The Jerk - okay, so I'm dating myself)

Today I was able to pick up my Spring Fling Sweet Goodness swap package from Heidi from the post office. I was so excited, I didn't even open it in the house - I took the photos in my front yard.

All the items Heidi gave me were totally screaming "me" all over it!

S is for Sanding Sugar

This is so darn funny! I gave her the same thing for S! Great minds think alike! And I thought I was being so clever. But I have to admit, when I gave her the sprinkles in pink & green, deep down I wanted to keep them for myself. "Set it free and it will come back to you". So now I have my 0wn and I shall use them on my yummy Cream Scones, cuz I like to sugar the tops of my scones in a colored sugar before baking! I love the homeyness of the jar shape and the floral tops!

P is for Pleated Apron

I adore this vintage apron! Currently I only own regular neck aprons, nothing pretty (the kind from restaurant supply stores) and just the other day I was wishing I had a purdy waist apron since I've been seeing so many of them on other thrifty bloggers' sites. My wish came true and here it is! I really love the cabbage roses, which is my all-time favorite! It's a bad photo, it is actually a dark pink, not reddish like it appears here.

R is for Ribbon Topiary

When I started to see pink & green ribbon galore in the box, my heart actually raced. I lahv it! It is so darn me. But I am having a hard time deciding if I want to display it in Raina's room since it is all p & g or put it on my desk. Right now my desk is a mess, so for now I will put it in her room even with the very cute R tag for her initial. When my desk/craft area is clean and organized then I will proudly display it! I love everything topiary!

Added: I emailed Heidi and asked her for the directions on how to make this, because I think it would be a great centerpiece alternative to flowers for my tea parties. She replied that she has directions on on her blog - Ribbon Topiary how-to. You can see she made one for Halloween, and another one in different colors. Thank you Heidi! (It's a good thing I have a wholesale account with Offray ribbon company......)

I is for Immensely Cute Pink Glass

She's right. This is an immensely cute pink glass that has an image of Jack & Jill on it, and the pic doesn't do it justice because you can't see the detail. I just love how whimsical and retro it is! I will have to mull over what I shall do with it, for only a special use. Maybe put my loose crafting jewels in it?

N is for Note Cards

Whoa. Okay. Scary.
Now how did Heidi know that I am infatuated with chandeliers? ESPECIALLY the silhouette graphic kind, like these very cards? Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a thrifty dress for Raina that has almost the exact same graphic on it. It was $8 which is pricey in my book for a thrifty clothes item, but I had to have it just because of the chandelier factor! If I had the moola I would be bidding on every shabby/vintage type chandelier on eBay.

So you can imagine my thrill to receive these hand-stamped embellished note cards!
I love the backgrounds, the colors, the bling on the chandeliers. They are too pretty, I don't want to use them up! I am now on a mission to find this rubber stamp....

G is for Goodies

I was so tickled to receive this shabby chic muffin pan! I have sincerely wanted one of these, like, forever. I've seen them here and there, used for craft goodies, jewelry etc. but never found one. So I was so stoked to get this, plus filled with sugar-y goodness. And Dutch Mints are one of my favorite candies and so is anything watermelon flavor (childhood favorite memory...mmmm....watermelon-watermelon).

All my pink & green goodness!

So thank you! thank you! Heidi for all the wonderful items. I am so deeply delighted with everything and can't wait to either use them or display them!

This whole swap thing has been such a blast and has brought my soul so much cheerfulness! Thanks again swap sister Heidi, and thanks to Rebecca & Lucy for organizing such "goodness" fun!


Rona's Home Page said...

These are just gorgeous. I just wanted to put my big straw Garden hat on and join in.

Mary-Anne said...

You are a very lucky girl! :-)

You can buy the chandelier from www.impress.com.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Wow! Your goodies are so so pretty! How exciting!

I don't know how I missed that swap! Heather

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Well I'd say she really knew you!
Where Heidi, did you get that glass??????

Heidi said...

ShabbyintheCity, I thrifted the glass. What a lucky score! It has Jack and Jill and the nursery rhyme on it. It's Tiara and I think it might be a repro because it's in such good condition, but I love it anyway! It was hard to part with, but Risa was worth it! :)

Dapoppins said...

I have to say, thoes goodies are sooo adorable.

(I followed a link from Lady Jane to get to you.)

Rebecca said...

Ooooo you got one of Heidi's topiary! Lucky dog! Such cute swap stuff and I love the miffin tin of goodies.

I now have to have that stamp, too. I have a chandelier sizzix die but no stamp. LOVE IT

Anna said...

That apron is wonderful! I recently acquired one of my own, which you can see on my blog if you're interested.

Sharyn said...

This is a beautiful package..you are very lucky and everything is so gorgeous. I am looking to find the sanding sugar and muffins trays...do you have any idea where I can get them?

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