Tag, I'm It

Okay, so I've been tagged by Sugar Bear Designs to say 7 Weird/Interesting facts about me.

............hmmmmm...........let me think..................

1. I can handle hearing nails on a chalkboard, but I can't handle hearing someone brush their teeth. Sends shivers down my spine.
2. I have a thing (since childhood) about swallowing pills. Hate it. Hate IT. HATE IT. Watching someone swallow a pill(s) sends shivers down my spine.
3. I have a hard time with written directions (not the map kind, I'm good with navigating). I can't sew with a pattern. Only straight stitch kind of things. Am self-taught on everything (web design, Photoshop, Powerpoint/Word/Excel, my businesses etc.). Don't tell me how to do it, show me how to do it!
4. I was adopted when I was two days old. When I was 17, my folks found my birth mother and I met her, then met my birth father when I was 18. My only daughter looks just like him (and she's a leftie, just like him). My creative gene (and pack-rat tendencies) came from my birth mother. I found out that I am related to Jenny Lind "The Swedish Nightingale", Shirley Temple-Black and Tennessee Williams. I thank God for my mom and dad, and for adopting me - they are the most wonderful people you will ever meet. Now they are full-time RV'ers. I miss them.
5. When I was 19 I moved from Alaska to Michigan with only $20 in my pocket, a suitcase and a Cosmopolitan magazine.
6. Even though my whole blog thing is about tea, I HAVE to have at least three cups of coffee in the morning to get the cobwebs outta my head.
7. I am a night-owl. Usually don't go to bed until 1 or 2:00am, but still have to get up like normal folk and take kids to school, etc. Hence why the #6. This, too, is inherited from birth mother.

Oops, last but not least and one fact over:
I am a follower/lover/fan of the movie Somewhere In Time. It's my dream to go to the INSITE Fan Club's annual SIT Weekend at The Grand Hotel and dress up in the era's costumes. I think in a previous life I was a lady in 1912. I even had my bridesmaids walk down to "Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini".

I wouldn't consider this a fact, but I kind of have an "old soul". For years I've wanted to be a part of the Red Hat Society as a Pink Hatter (even though all the local chapters here are full or they don't reply to interested newbies) and just hang around other ladies who appreciate tea and the gracious/silly things of life. It's on my list of things to do: "Start my own SororiTea".

There, I hope that let's y'all know me a little better.

So, I don't really know who to tag because my audience of three have already been tagged. So if you have not been tagged with this musing thus far, then consider yourself tagged and have at it!


Jules said...

Oh i so love Somewhere in time
knew we were kindred spirits with you loving steel magnolias.I just sat at the movies looking at the houses in that movie. And at the wedding preps a blush wedding ahh
Were we born a century too late,perhaps not sometimes looking back its easier to love an era than live it.

Party Wishes SCV said...

5 years ago, I took my niece to tea at the Huntington Ritz Carlton. We were dressed in Edwardian clothes that I had made by a period costumer. It seemed like a fabulous idea but when we walked into the hotel, It hit me! What was I thinking!? Going to tea in costume at the Ritz??? It turns out we had several fans there and a couple visiting from Australia gave my niece a stuffed Koala bear as a gift and had their picture taken with us. It was the most memorable birthday ever! I say if you want to dress in period clothing...GO FOR IT!!

Malady said...

Risa--I think you should start a virtual SororiTea online. I would join!!!

(by the way, I was adopted at three months old!)

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey! I was adopted too!
Very good list :)
I like tea on occasions, love coffee more, but I adore the whole fanciness of a tea. I think I like all the tea accessories the most... I feel all "growed up!" drinking tea with my pinky pointing outwards.
Know what I mean jellybean?

Lori said...

Risa, It is a pure pleasure to meet someone also who loves Somewheres in Time. I live in Northern IN and hope to get there before I am to old to enjoy it. Next time I am up late I'll think of you. I love being up late, the quiteness and everyone else asleep,AHH!!!! Can't wait till schools out to really savour late nights!

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