A Bittersweet Tea Time

My folks will be moving away from San Clemente for about eight months (they are retired and full-time RV'ers), so I took my mom out for tea a couple of days before they left. She loves visiting tearooms (as do I, but find myself way too critical since I am in the biz) so we tried one I have not been to before.

This was also a brave test to see how my two-year old daughter would behave in a tearoom. She is used to being around china (lord knows it's all over our home), but I brought one of our own teacups just in case.

Once our pot of tea arrived, she poured the entire creamer of milk into her cup, along with I think three sugar cubes, I lost count. She stirred properly with the demi spoon. She's also a dunker and dunked her scone in it.

Apparently that was not enough. She added some leaves (see plant behind her) and stirred. By that point I removed it from her reach before she drank the leaves. Overall, it wasn't too bad having her there, and the owner of the tea room was very gracious and didn't mind her juvenile presence.

But like I said, it was a bittersweet tea time with the feeling of mom's soon-to-be departure looming over us.

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