A Tea-lightful Valentine's Day

Sometimes the mood strikes to do a last-minute tea. In this case, since I had some leftover sandwiches, scones & sweets from the Assoc. of Bridal Consultant's Tea Party & Fashion Show I decided to not let it go to waste on just a solo tea.

So I threw together this little tea table on my "porch" (we don't really have porches in So Cal - my dream house will have a wrap-around porch). I called some of my neighbor girlfriends to come join me, and luckily they were available!

Along with the leftovers I served hot Cream Earl Grey tea, sparkling pink lemonade, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit with pink whip cream, and pink cupcakes -"jolla" a Valentine's Day Tea!

We sat and chatted for quite a while. That's what I love about having tea - it forces you to slow down and enjoy good conversation and good friends. Sometimes the last-minute-don't-fuss get together's are the best!

Click here for photos.

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