Pure Inspiration

I *puffy heart* Preston Bailey
(he is signing my book)

"I came to tell you about a website which you probably have already seen: http://www.prestonbailey.com/" ~Phyllis (ShabbyInTheCity)

Thank you for the link, it is sweet of you to think of me! When I met Preston Bailey (we chatted briefly before he spoke at a wedding industry event) I was taken aback by just his aura. He was THE MOST genuine, kind and sweetest guy I have ever met. So sincere.

At first I thought he couldn't be for real, but so many of the other attendees who had the privilege of meeting him commented on the same attributes.

He is pure inspiration. I own all of his gorgeous, lush, display coffee table books.

It was such a pleasant surprise to discover a very genuine -seemingly humble- gentleman. I can see why all the celebrities like to work with him....

P.S. There is another photo of us and he is totally squeezing me and laughing, but I look really fat in the picture, so no showy.


Betty Jo said...

How awesome for you to meet Preston Bailey Risa. He is the most incredible event designer I've ever read about, or seen on TV. Great photo!! Happy Mother's Day my friend. xoxo

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I figured! I really did! That is great. Okay, out with the other photo...

ShabbyInTheCity said...

My walking friend this a.m. told me to GO BUY THAT BOOK! She says we'll have joint custody!

deb said...

I adore Preston too! Divine taste. How exciting for you!

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