Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom, Sandra, was born in Tennessee on this day in 1944.

Her dad was an officer and was in Europe fighting in WWII. He led a battalion in the Battle of the Bulge and later did administrative duties for Gen. Patton. He returned home in 1946. I have a night gown that my grandmother made out of real raw silk that they used as parachutes when they parachuted into battle.

Mom grew up in the epitome of a baby boomer's world and had a dream childhood. Her grandmother lived next door, and she tells me tales of her wonderful grandmothers suthun cooking and baking. And growing up in the country (even though they were considered "city folk" back then - they were the first ones on their street to have a television!) hearing tales of catching fireflies and taking care of small farm animals.

In high school she loved Elvis, Dean Martin and played on the basketball team - ahead of her time for such a sport and she fell in love her junior year with blue-eyed and sweet mannered boy, Lloyd. He used to be her high school's most popular football player, but had graduated and joined the Army. When he came back to visit and went to a game that's when she took her chance to go talk with him. At the age of 17 they married in August, right before she started her senior year in high school. He was then stationed in Goose Bay Labrador, Canada. She continued to live at home with her folks for that year.

Then they moved as dad (Lloyd) was stationed in Lubbock, TX then in Wyoming. When he was done with his military service they moved to Los Angeles so he could go to Pepperdine Univ. to get a degree in missions. Mom was one of the campus secretaries. They lived on the campus housing apartments for the married couples. And were poor.

At age 22 and after several infertility tests, they had no luck with having children. Then one of the Professors who knew Sandra from her secretary job (he was also a minister) had met a woman who was pregnant and wanting a Christian family to adopt the baby. He approached Lloyd and Sandra with the opportunity. They had two weeks to prepare for a newborn and somehow they were able to come up with the $356 for the adoption and legal costs. This is where I come into their lives. Mom quit her secretary job and took care of me as a SAHM until my older elementary school days.

I won't bore you with the rest of the details, but I just want to wish my wonderful mom a birthday wish.

I wish that I will be the kind of mom and wife the way you are.....

to be patient

how you taught me how to read a recipe and to cook (I stink at it, but you did your part!)

how to sew

how to plan and make wonderful home-cooked meals (that I still remember to this day)

to keep a home clean (well.......)

to read books

to respect and support your husband like you do
the list goes on...
I love you mom and wish you the Happiest of Birthdays!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday greeting for your mother. I love the munchkins holding the birthday greetings. With your kind words, I'm sure she'll have a smile on her face and a song in her heart!


That is just beautiful Risa.
And those kids! well arent they just the sweetest!!!!

happy birthday to your Mum :)


Sugar Bear said...

What a beautiful post! Such a wonderful tribute to your mom, who sounds like a very special lady.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Thats such a great story! Tennessee! Bring her to my blog today :) She might recognize something...
When I got to the end of your post and saw those kids holding the signs I had to choke back tears! Sweet.

Farmer Di said...

What beautiful kids! And a lucky Grammie!
Diana aka Farmer Di

The Salisbury Family said...

What a beautiful photo Risa. And a lovely story, certainly bought tears to my eyes.

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