The Prodigal ParTea Planner

It made me literally laugh out loud.

I got an email from Phyllis of Shabby in the City:

Did you DIE after your birthday???
I hope not! Check in sistah!

So, here I am. "checking in".

I have no excuse or reason why I stopped blogging.......

~Life gets in the way sometimes?

~Sometimes our interests sway (you know us right-brained, creative, types that just hop from one thing to the next....) so I've been doing a lot of face painting.

~I discovered Facebook. Need I say more? Now that's a whole lotta fun!

~I re-discovered my love for reading (after having three kids - forget it) and read Twilight & New Moon in four days and just got Eclipse today from Amazon. You know where I will be on November 21st! Yup. I've become a Fanpire.

~Since this past Spring, I have had to be in physical therapy for a pinched nerve somewhere in my back/neck. No relief. So I've just dealt with the arm weakness, tingling, discomfort and numbness in my left hand pinky.

~Tried to clean out the garage and get all my event stuff organized. Really. Do I need 200-something settings of china and teacups and totes of silver, silver and silver? Really! So I will be selling some things just to lighten the load from my tea hoarding years. Hubby would like to eventually claim his workbench side of the garage. I think there is a in perfect condition, barely used treadmill in there somewhere too.

~I took a break from doing tea parties (in order to do the previous). Therefore, since my whole blog genre is about tea related stuff I guess I assumed that I had nothing to blog about. But I am finding out that I was wrong. I made some wonderful e-friends from blogging in the past. And the e-mails I received due to my absence asking where was I, is everything okay etc., was very humbling and heart-felt. So thank you to everyone who sent a What Up? inquiry. I really appreciate your concern and the time to drop me a e-mail!

~When I heard Karin of Creative Chaos was just diagnosed with breast cancer, it hit me and realized how much I admire meeting such strong, fabulous, funny as heck, tenacious, down to earth and creative ladies I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Just from blogging. We need each other to hold each other up during the fun times and challenging times. Karin, you are in my pink prayers during this tough time.

I do have some photos from some recent adventures and will blog about those later. But for now I just wanted to say Hi and that I look forward to dusting off my kettle, polish my tarnished silver teapot, and getting a teacup out of storage and visiting with my friends again.



Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Glad to have you back!

Christa said...

Welcome back! :)

Sheri said...

I'm a tea-lover too and I've been watching your blog. Yipee!! You're back! :)

Anonymous said...

What a thrill to see your new message. I've stopped by here every week hoping you would start posting again. I love all your pretty dishes and the creations you put together. Welcome back.

Cathy said...

Oh Risa!
So glad to "hear" from you....welcome back, Cathy

LillyB said...

Glad you are okay! Welcome back..Love Love Love your blog!!

Misty said...

What a cute blog! I ran across it while planning a Birthday Tea for my 4-year old. We share a birthday and I wanted to do something special instead of just resent her for stealing my special day. She loves to have tea parties with her bears and dolls, but I am so excited that I think the party is really for me. Anyway, just wanted to tell you what beautiful ideas you have. Don't stop blogging!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you too!!!!!!!!! Miss Mari~

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Yeah! I glad the blogging is back. I also love visiting you on Facebook. Thank you so much for the invite! Looking forward to more post!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh yeah *blush* I DID write that didn't I? LOL. So I hope your pinched nerve got all better! That stinks! I got diagnosed with MS this summer! I give myself a shot every morning...which is a preventative measure. Life is like a box of chocolates.... :) only maybe not so fun.

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