Congrats to PresentPast Collection

Heather just launched her new and beautiful store at The PresentPast Collection tonight. So to show my support, of course I had to buy something!

See, see what I got.........*opening shopping bag*

12 Georgian Eggshell Homer Laughlin Cake Plates (for my tea parties).

Paper Millinery Bouquet (2 bunches).
Have no idea how to use them, they just sang to me.

.....and Antique Ledger Paper.
Again, clueless.

Boy, this whole blogging thing is getting expensive! JK.

I wish Heather the best of luck and much success with her endeavors!


jessi nagy said...

i love her store! a new fav.
jessi nagy


Sugar Bear said...

I placed an order with Heather as well. I hear you - all of the wonderful goodies that are offered certainly are tempting and not too good on the wallet! But they are so pretty and fun!

misspriss said...

I too found the Present Past Collection. Love the "I'm a Little Vintage" t-shirts. I'm with you that this blogging is getting expensive. I used to avoid spending money by not going out to the stores. Now I have to avoid my computer!! LOL! I enjoy your blog!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I hear ya! It is getting expensive! I also made some purchases with Heather. Love your dishes...I think her prices were really good too.

The Promoted Princess said...

Heather's site is wonderful! Can't wait to see what else she brings in.


No wonder you HAD to buy that stuff! Love it all. The vintage ledger paper is great, looks so sweet all tied in ribbon like that. I looooove the plates and the millinary flowers are sweet as pie!
Nice purchases.....im off to check the shop myself now :)

Shann xo

Flea Market Queen said...

I went shopping at Heather's also...I bought the ledger paper, and millinary flowers too! She has great things...

The Rose Room said...

What lovely treasures you bought.
I have awarded you the Nice Matters award but you may already have it:)
Take Care

The Party Goddess! said...

Hi Risa. We're The Party Goddess! A full service catering and event planning company. We're in the process of revamping our blog and are thrilled that we have stumbled across your absolutely fabulous site. We’re hoping to start a links page soon and would be great if we could possibly link each other to our pages. Check us out at www.thepartygoddess.com. Happy blogging!

Mrs. Jones said...

Hi. I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog, and seeing all of your beautiful events and ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. You are one talented lady!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I gotta have you visit!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!! Now, since you don't know what to do with your flowers and ledger papers, you just don't worry your pretty little head over it and send it to me instead.

And I don't say "god" much, but GOD! I so want to come to one of your parties!!!

Anonymous said...


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