Chai me a river

Ever since I had my first really good Chai tea about a month ago, I have been addicted.

Bad. Like drinking about four cups a day bad.

So now I am on search for the best-tasting Chai tea. At least what the local markets can offer until I get my shipment of loose leaf Spiced Chai tea from my wholesale tea importer to try theirs.

The ones from grocery stores and Trader Joes aren't too bad. Even beats Starbucks. A whole box of tea with 20 teabags is cheaper than one Venti. After trying all the above brands (I like it hot), I have to say that I prefer the Bigelow brand as far as taste and spiciness goes. The Trader Joes' pre-sweetened mix is a lot easier - there is no brewing and it already has the dry milk/sugar mixed in the powder - just put in hot water and stir. But it is higher in calories. And I have a little bit of lactose intolerance, so I usually make mine with vanilla soy and sugar or Splenda.

My least favorite was the Stash brand. Just had too much of a "bite" to it, almost metallic taste.

So if any of you are Chai lovers what brand do you like?


Christina said...

I like the Tazo brand, but that might be what they use at Starbucks. Although, some Starbucks add water to their Chai, which I don't like. When I use the Tazo brand at home, I use vanilla soy and I don't add water.

Lallee said...

I had my first Chai at Starbucks this summer and loved it. I've only had it iced so far~so refreshing to me. I bought a box of the already made Tazo and was very pleased, using it with skim milk. I have Tazo teabags but have not tried them yet. Your post reminded me I need to do this. I'll try it hot and iced and let you know what I think. Your review of others is most helpful. Thank you!

The Salisbury Family said...

I love Gloria JEans Chai latte with soy milk- tasted better than with normal mmm mmm mmm. I got hooked on chai when I was pregnant with my second child 6 years ago and told my 12 cups of coffee a day were bad!- gee you think??

Sue McGettigan said...

I'm a major fan of Tazo Chai teabags and Trader Joe's Chai(not the sweetened stuff, just straight teabags). Mmmm good!

Anonymous said...

I like Tazo brand. You can get it at the super market. I like it straight. No sweetener & no milk/cream.
Also, if you like cinamon, try Celestial seasonongs Bengal Spice. Leave the bag in the while you are drinking it. It can't over steep. It has a sweet taste even without any sweetener added.

Anonymous said...


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