Fake it till you make it

So a holiday - Valenine's Day - is coming up, therefore the proverbial sign-up sheets appear as you enter your child's pre-school for the upcoming Valentine's "Exchange" (translate - party). They come up with all these different words so it doesn't sound like they party all the time around holidays - why not just call it a party? No one really cares.

Why is it I become instantly delusional and always write my name next to the most difficult item on a sign-up list for my kids' class parties? So, I signed-up for a dozen plain heart shape cookies so they can frost and decorate them at the "exchange-aka-party".

I do enjoy making real homemade cookies, really I do. Where I actually dust off my Kitchen aid mixer and find somewhere in my pantry flour, baking soda etc., pull out my Mom's beloved recipe for "Cookie Cutter Cookies" and appear somewhat June Cleaverish is a great feeling. And it is fun to roll out the dough, cut them out and try to get them to the perfect golden baked goodness with a hint of tan on the bottom signaling they are done.

So these are the nano-visions that flash into my delusional, over-achieving, right-side of my brain whenever I see the (usually) blank line for something home made.

But sometimes life takes over even when the best of intentions are sincere. So I got the flu, and really did not feel like digging in my very disorganized panty for all the ingredients. Our local Ralph's grocery store sells plain sugar cookies already in holiday shapes so I thought that may be my saving grace. NOPE, need to compromise. So it's time to "fake it till you make it" which is one of my creeds I live by.

I just got a plastic clamshell of sugar cookies, took them home and got out my metal heart shaped cookie cutter and faked it. Took me five minutes. Really. How are a bunch of four year-olds going to know the difference?





Anyone can sign-up for, and bring paper plates and cups. It takes determination to sign-up for the things that come from the heart .... or at least a cookie cutter heart.


Getting ready for pre-school on the day of the Valentine "Exchange", Raina picked out the dress herself! I was shocked, since y'all know she rarely likes to dress-up. Did my heart good, though.


Anonymous said...

I tried to follow your blog but it didn't give me that option? you have a lovely site.

Angela McRae said...

This is *the* most adorable photo of your little pink princess! Did my heart good too!

Gabriela said...


She is adorable!

~ Gabriela ~

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

That is awesome!!! What a great idea!!

m ^..^

Melissa Lester said...

This post made me smile! As a crafty mother of four, I usually opt for the most ambitious item too. I have sent some great cupcakes over the years! But this year around Easter I was so consumed making my first heirloom dress, I opted for the easiest items possible. I signed up for plates and napkins for my 3-year-old daughter's party, then wound up delegating purchasing them to my husband. Imagine my embarrassment at the party when I saw them; he had not even gotten holiday or pastel papergoods. He had gone to the toilet paper aisle and gotten the cheapest, scratchiest plain napkins and paper plates available. Red-faced, I told the other moms, "I guess it goes without saying that I asked my husband to buy the plates and napkins." So maybe next year if I am in a pinch I will try your clever idea!

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