A St. Patrick's "Irish Cream" Tea Time

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I had not planned on doing anything special for St. Patty's day. I ran to the grocery store for a few things for dinner, and the bakery had all their seasonal - and very cute - tempting green frosted cookies and cupcakes right there front and center. Dammit, they did it to me again! Well, actually they did it to Raina who zoned in on them immediately. So I said okay, she could put the clamshell container of the two-bite cupcakes (the label says two-bite, but uhm, it's really one-bite) in her mini-shopping cart, and that we would have them for dessert.

You know those children's books "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" where one thing leads to another? I feel that is generally how my days just end up sometimes, all kooky and crazy and totally A.D.D.

So......we have these cute cupcakes........why waste the cuteness on just dessert? Let's have them for a tea time instead!

Well, if we are going to have tea, then I will need to bake some scones.

And if I am going to bake some scones, then I will need to look up my favorite scone recipe on my computer folder.

While I am at it, I should organize my scone recipes from favorite to low-fat.

Now that they are all organized, I should print them and put them in page protectors.

Since we are having a tea with a theme, I should find any St. Patrick's day stuff to add to the cuteness. And on and on it goes.

You get the idea.

So here are the results of an impromptu "Irish Cream Tea"..........thanks to one-bite cupcakes.

Raina and Holly-Doodle ready for tea.

Very green Irish Cream scones (sprinkled with Lucky Charms ♣),
and store bought cookies & cupcakes.
The cupcakes that started it all today.....

She prayed for all the Disney Princesses. And Prince Phillip, whoever that is.

Pouring her "tea". Then she added three sugar cubes.

What a poser.
All the stains on her shirt are from some chocolate coins
someone gave her at pre-school. I thought about Photoshopping the stains out so you
wouldn't think I was too white trash. That thought lasted for a second.
I'm over it.
So, I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patty's day and that the Luck 'o the Irish was with you!


Homekeeping Heart said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet is that! I love the photo of her pouring her "tea."

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

So adorable! I'm totally ADD! I do the same thing.

BTW- Prince Phillip is Sleeping Beauty's (Princess Aurora) boyfriend. :)

Glad to see a new post and not on Facebook! :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I want to hug her and kiss her!
Look at that tongue hangin' out! LOL.

Hey~I've turned my blog off...please don't think I've blocked you, okay? I may return soon :)

Christa said...

Thanks for posting. Too cute!! I can so relate to might as well make it a full on tea party. I do this all the time! So glad you shared your adorable pictures with us...... Can't wait for the next tea party! :)

pinkstilettos said...

So cute and what a lovely little party! Someone told me about a Mary Poppins party that you had did but I couldn't find them. Also, I was wondering if you would care if I asked you some questions about your Partea Business. I wanting to do this so bad but I'm scared of taking that risk. Would you mind if I emailed you some questions to answer and if not that's fine. Thanks Daisy~

Natalie said...

what afun tea party! and I think it's great that you didn't phohto shop her t-shirt.:)

Angela McRae said...

I'm just sorry I didn't read this on the day you first posted it! Adorable!

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

She's too cute! If my sister and her family lived in southern California instead of the S.F. Bay Area, I'd recommend that you and your daughter meet and get together with my sister and my niece Emily. Emily is just turning 3, but she loves tea, and I think her personality is a lot like your daughter's; she's a little ham and too smart for her own good! Too cute for her own good, too ... I can see them having a lot of fun at a tea party like the one you set up for St. Patrick's Day!

Anonymous said...

Adorable...love the concentration while pouring the tea.

No Easter tea this year? I miss your posts.

Sweet Bean said...


LillyB said...

Too precious!!

Duchess of Tea said...

What a sweet post and I must say she is totally adorable, Gob Bless her.

Love & Hugs

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