12 Days of Christmas Tea & Cookie Recipes Swap

Finally I am getting around to uploading all the fabulous swap goodies that
Jeannie from "I Craft"
sent me for the 12 Days of Christmas Tea & Cookie Recipes Swap.
Between making arrangements with Santa to get a Christmas puppy
and having family stay for the holidays it has be crazy 'round here.

Here are the goodies!

A couple of items didn't make it in the group shot.
I think my daughter took it out to look at it (?).

Photobucket A I love this mini pan for an ornament!


This darling house held a teapot ornament (see below).


Jeannie cracked me up with her cookie recipes! I showed my mom and she cracked up too. But this book is PACKED with awesome cookie recipes! It's a keeper for Christmases to come....

Photobucket I've seen Jeannie's cupcake toppers on her Etsy shop, and was secretly hoping I would get some in the swap. YAY! Look at all the pink cuteness! Cupcake shnupcake. I'm putting them in my hair or something! Or making them into brooches. They are too cute for just cupcakes....

This cute little tree contained these vintage beautiful earrings.
Then I put the tree on my pink tree.

Inside this awesome floral suitcase was filled with sugar-y mistletoe, a vintage ladies hankie and the cream teacup & saucer with more sugar-y goodness candy!

Photobucket Beautiful cream teacup & saucer with my fave colors - pink & green.

This is MY TREE.
My beloved pink tree that is in the living room. On it I put all my favorite things.
Below are the wonderful goodies that Jeannie sent:

Sugar-y, glitter-y teapot

Sugar-y mistletoe.

Darling tree box.


"I love you for your pink cadillac" ~ Bruce Springsteen

THANK YOU SO MUCH JEANNIE, for giving such pinkalicious Christmas goodies. And not just the goodies themselves, but how you wrapped and decorated everything was just DIVINE. I didn't want to open them, it was so darn cute! You are very talented, and I appreciated every bit of hot glue and glitter that you did!
I am still waiting to hear back from others who participated. I know it is a crazy time of year to try to add on tasks to do, such as blog swaps. So those of you who played, please send me the links of your swaps and I will update this post. Thank you to everyone who enthusiastically and joyfully signed up!


Lady Katherine received her swap goodies from Lady Jane
Lady Jane received her swap goodies from Lady Katherine
Phyllis, from Shabby in the City received her swap goodies from Erin
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the swaps!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh that sugary teapot is the cutest! Love the pink tree :)
I don't 'spose you saw my aqua one like two posts ago???
I'll see about getting you the link to my swap goods.

Angie said...

I had a pink Christmas tree this year too :) I love your cute swap gifts... how fun!

Kathleen at Set to a Tea said...

I am pink with envy! And I'm hoping for another swap,maybe Easter? I'd love to join in on the fun! Risa, enjoy all the goodies!

Charlene said...

WOW you did hit the jack pot!!!!! How's your Dad? I'm sure the prayer lists have really helped. Happy New Year!

Lady Katherine said...

Just love all your pink! Love the white tea cup and saucer. All is so lovely! Thanks for the swap! It was a lot of fun.

the voice of melody said...

Such beautiful photos! Your doggie is so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

sugary tree. I am planning on using solar powered string lights next christmas

Duchess of Tea said...
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