Photos from the Photo Shoot


Thanks to Stephanie Warner of All About You Photography & Design, she provided the images from our photo shoot for the TeaTime Magazine feature. There were so many to choose from, it was so hard to decide!

So here are my favorites, located in my photo gallery. I also included "behind the scenes" photos of us setting up the shoot. Talk about having a hard time trying to get cute for the head shot, after sweating it up from the set up! I could have seriously used a hair & makeup stylist. But when you are on a budget, cute gets crossed off real quick.

Click here to view the photos.

Thank you to so many of you who have left congratulatory comments or emails regarding the feature! I've heard that you can find TeaTime Magazine at Borders or Barnes & Noble, possibly WalMart but it is all hit or miss depending on their distribution and supply. So the best way is to call Hoffman Media at (888) 411-8995 and then press 1 to go to Customer Service to purchase a copy of the March/April 2008 issue. Do it soon, because once it becomes a "back issue" the price increases!



*tapping fingers*

..........just waiting for Oprah's peeps to call.........

*tapping fingers*

Or Martha.


Anonymous said...

Risa! Fantastic! Incredible! Inspirational! Uniquely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures. You needed more pages

How did you come up with the color combination? I would have never thought about putting those colors together. They were just beautiful.

Did you have the whole thing pictured in your mind before you started setting up? Did you do a mock-up before hand?

Loved the banner. The china is just beautiful. The food, the pictures, the location...really, it was all just amazing.

Has Oprah called yet?

Gabriela said...

Congratulations Riza!

Warm regards,


SweetTea & Treasures said...

Hi Risa, You look great! And I just love drooling over all your creations. You're blog actually inspired me to turn my love of tea parties and vintage into a business. I'm up here in Nor-Cal, but I lived in San Clemente for years(love the Posh Peasant!)Anyhoo, funny story- my good friend and formenr roommate was recently at tea with her friend and told her about me and how I was having a hard time getting things started, and her friend says shes knows this tea party lady and maybe she can get me her #,& lo and behold the # I get was yours! I have to say I was a little starstruck:) and shocked at the coincedence. Seems to me that the universe is talking... to me anyways! I think Oprah would agree, don't you???

Simply Modern Weddings said...

Looks great...congrats! (Martha needs to talk with you!)

The Charmed Life Online said...

This is amazing!! You are so inspiring to us all! Thank you for sharing these photos. Congratulations!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Congrats ...you deserve it!!! Everything is so inspiriing...kudos. Jennifer

Tammy said...

The most beautiful tea I've ever seen!
My idea of heaven!
Loved the slide show and have shared you through my shared items widget and via email for all my tea/ocean lovin' pals!

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

Beverly Dillow said...

I brought home the new Tea Time yesterday and loved your article and the pictures! Beautiful!

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Seriously....Oprah would be missing out BIG time if she didn't contact you!!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!

Little Shindigs Girl said...

Hi Risa,
I am very new to Blogging, but I just wanted to say how amazing your work is. I found your site a few months ago while doing some research on tea parties and I have been hooked ever since. Anyways you did a Fabulous job on this shoot & I'm sure Oprah will be calling very soon!!!!

Melissa Lester said...

I loved your article in TeaTime, then was so happy to stumble upon your blog. I'm saving it to my favorites so I can drop in often for some inspiration! Your oceanside tea was so beautiful. When reading the article, my 4-year-old daughter and I noticed that the china looks like a Homer Laughlin pattern I collect. Congratulations on the magazine feature!

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