Name Correction

If, per chance, you have Googled my name from the TeaTime Magazine feature and are trying to locate me, the magazine miss-spelled my name.

It is spelled Risa Provencio - not - Risa Provincio ........

*eye twitching*


Sweet Designs said...

It is a shame they made that mistake, I know that building a business certainly does depend upon your name being spelled correctly so people can find you, hopefully next issue they will put in a correction at least...besides you are so good that most likely they will feature you again, and this time they WILL get your name right!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Okay Risa I'm booking you now for my three sons' rehearsal dinners...stay open okay? Price won't matter as I have years to save up LOL! Off to find that magazine...I'll show it around and say "I know her!" And she's doing my boys' rehearsal dinners!

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