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My friend Kelly is a fellow wedding and event planner in Florida (we've never met, just know each from an industry "members only" message board). ANYHOO, this girl is a nut. A couple of weeks ago she created a montage of what kind of day she had as a wedding planner. This is her montage:

You can read about the details on the post on her blog. Stuff about creating a new DVD cover for a client, getting a tour of a gorgeous new venue, loving her Starbucks, shopping for a client, updating menus and budgets yadda, yadda. She looks so glam - hair styled and sporting Nicole Richie sunglasses. So "J-Lo". So wedding planner-ish.

And then there's MY kind of day as an event planner. Here's my montage:

(To view up close click on the montage. Hopefully I don't have any chin hairs showing.)

Left to RIGHT, Top to Bottom:

1. Went to the flower market to get flowers for Mariela's Birthday Party.

2. This is what greeted me at the entrance. I love gerber daisy's. They are just. Happy.

3. She's my intern. Don't mention anything about her height, she's a little self-conscience about it.

4. Stopped at McDee's before going to the flower market. So there Starbucks. Don't see a drive-thru at your place! Now I will have money left over to buy that McGriddle, and not spend it all on a Venti.

5. Yup. That's me. In my usual state of glamourousness - a baseball hat and no makeup. Didn't take a shower either, cuz flowers don't care.

6. I'm glad to see my lil' intern is very Green, and drives her electric car to work.

7. I wonder if David Tutera has ever had a power lunch at Funtown Hot Dogs?

8. All the flowers I purchased unloaded and in buckets on my front porch. Some one's gotta be the white trash on our street....

It was a great day.

Seriously, it was fun. I took Raina with me and we had a great time, she really likes to help me. And the flower market is literally across the freeway from Lego Land, and we have passes. So we went for a couple of hours which was also a lot of fun since we usually have "the boys" - dad and two brothers there, and they don't like to go on the kiddie rides. And it is so worth going there just for the Granny Fries. Omigawd. They are the best. They fry diced green apples, coated in sugary cinnamon, accompanied with a vanilla cream to dip them in. HEAVEN.

But I had to drive home like a maniac to pick up my son from school in time. Of course I hit traffic on the freeway. Took some side streets, hit every flippin' red light. When I got there to the school, they had him waiting in the office. The office ladies already know I'm NOT one of the totally-have-it-together-moms like all the rest of 'em.

But that's okay. They didn't get to see really happy gerbers....


Alex said...

Hi Risa, I think your night time photos are fabulous! They certainly look like 'some kinda wonderful' to me.

My name is Alex and I stumbled upon your blog and website oneday while 'surfing'. I just love what you do, it all looks fantastic. Well done.

Angela McRae said...

Was already a great fan of your blog, and this description of your day is totally why! (Love the intern, BTW. Looks like she's a keeper!)

Evelyn Lum said...

Risa, My day wasn't too bad but I wished it was filled with beautiful flowers and fun like yours. Also, my "intern" will turn 21 soon ... yucks!

Sadie Olive said...

You are crackin me up with this post! ..lol.. I live the same glamourous life, except my assitant is hairy and has floppy ears and a wet nose. Yesterday when the FED-EX guy came by at 2pm I had to hide cause I was still in my pajamas. Your parties turn out beautifully, so you must be doing something right! :)


Well your intern looks like a real cutie pie and a great help too :)

Oh i am right there with you in the no makeup and baseball cap department, like you said, the flowers dont care!

AT least a fun time was had by all :)

Shannon xo

Leslie said...

Risa, your blog just makes me smile! I "discovered" it about 2 weeks ago, and went ga-ga looking at the photos. Today I took some time to read more, and I especially enjoyed your sense of humor. I agree - the happy gerberas are definitely something to look at and be enjoyed. Must know for future reference - were the Granny Fries in any kind of batter, or just kind of fried "nekkid" (except for the cinnamon sugar)? Not that it matters, because they sound wonderful either way! Now, you'll really have to excuse me, but I've got to get back to my reading! Thanks for the smiles! Leslie

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