Happy Birthday Pamina!

I was contacted just a few days ago to put together a Birthday Dinner Party, so I procured the caterer, rentals, linens, music entertainment and the flowers. Pamina loves pink and orange, so I made the floral design in those colors. Since the dinner and dessert was to be outside, even though there were heaters, I brought orange fleece blankets for warmth and cuddling.

Click here to view the photos.


Christy said...

Looks like it was a beautiful night! Those colors are gorgeous together. Your events area always so beautiful.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Risa,

Always beautiful things!
Loved it!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

You did good as always!! I love the color combination. I can't believe it was that chilly. We aren't quite having that yet, even at night!

Anonymous said...


kari said...

Gorgeous table! Your work is always so lovely and inspiring.

Patriot said...

Very beautiful table!

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Tip Junkie said...

That table setting is gorgeous!! What a wonderful talent you have.

Gatherings said...

Came upon your site as I was looking for other bloging event designers- love your site and your thoughts! Best to you!

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