Tea Party book review

I have been waiting months for this book to be available for purchase. Not because I need another book on tea, but because of the curiosity factor. Tea Party by Tracy Stern appeared to be something more up my alley, because I had checked out the author's website and was intrigued.

Yesterday the book arrived and I was planning on waiting to look it over and have myself a little tea time, and peruse the book with a cuppa. Yah right.

I couldn't wait and went ahead and looked through it.

This is a quote straight from a customer review off of the Amazon listing of this book:
"I was very disappointed in this book. I was hoping for beautiful pictures of the recipes and party settings. Content was OK, but minus the pictures, it was a total waste of money. "

My review of this book is what she said.

There are some very helpful ideas, and the recipes do look good enough to try, and not too complicated (but then how hard is it to make a tea sandwich?) to make. But I was just expecting more photos and detail shots. But there is only a couple of photos -if that- for each of the "20 Themed Tea Parties" as the cover states. And the images that were there, show exquisite china and not something that most people have or have access to.

So it left me underwhelmed and wanting more.

My book (if I ever could have one) would be real tea parties for real people and not something that is unattainable and obviously planned by a New York City socialite.


Tea Party Girl said...

I agree! I would love to see you write a book someday~

Lucy said...

Well you know what, I think you SHOULD write your book--it's a great idea, and to make having a tea party accessible to the masses, not just the socialites. I'm sure you probably have a bunch of pictures already--just do a mock up of them and maybe a table of contents, and 30 or so pages your and send out your prospective book and an introduction letter to a few of the publishers that have put out books like this in the past!! Go for it!

Cris said...

hmmm..I had this book on my Amazon wish list and now I think I'll just wait for yours to be published! I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to your blog today..glad I found another tea lover to visit on the web! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog, not long ago and LOVE it!

I have a question. What brand of silver polish do you use to clean your silver? I have gotten some things that are proving to be very stubborn to get clean. So you have any tricks?

Thanks, Elaine from SoCal

Anonymous said...

Write a book! I would SO buy it.

I got the book just before Mothers day and agree with you, though the strawberry stuffed scones are really good and a big hit here!


Anonymous said...

They do say don't judge a book by it's cover. The cover looks beautiful, too bad the content wasn't up to the cover. I'm sure any book you would do would well be worth it.

Sugar Bear said...

You should write your own book and show everyone else how it is done!

Ms. A said...

I am so disappointed by a lot of what is published insofar as tea parties go -- who is going to shell out, say, sixty five dollars for a teacup and saucer? Not to mention that much for a napkin.

It's to the point where I am getting irritated with many "home" magazines -- the prices for items shown are ridiculous.

Maybe you should put together a pretty project with attainable items and ideas that aren't obvious but still approachable enough for most people to execute!

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

I don't have the book altough I had thought about buying it, but not anymore... I buy these kind of books for pictures and inspirations mostly. I do not read the whole book, I skim through it.... so I am glad you are saying this cos it would have been completly a waste of my money. On the other hand... I would definetly buy YOUR book Risa. Just by looking through your blog is already very inspirational so I can't imagine how great your book will be ;o)

One Crabapple said...

Gosh the cover looks SO GOOD doesn't it ?

I too would have thought it was a Must Have for the Tea Library.

Well glad I came over and saw this....Will check out the link to Tracy's website too.

I am sure when you DO do your book it will be Grand ! you always have beautiful pictures and theee most lovely parTEAS.

Blurb.com for a practice shot ? I'd buy yours !!!


One Crabapple said...

...oh my.

I will say it so no one else has to

she sure has alot of pictures of TRACY on her site.... Where is the TEA though ???

One Crabapple said...

...besides the T in Tracy , I mean....

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