ParTea goodies from Heather

It's been so crazy the past few days, with school ending, and I helped out with the last day of school carnival at my sons' school. And this weekend we went to the Little League day at the Angels' game on Sunday. That was cool, as the Little League teams got to have a parade and walk around the Angels field and since I was Team Mom, I got to walk with them. Man, it is huge! And it is neat to see the "innards" of something - you know, like behind-the-scenes things. Like seeing the speed gun thingy that clocks how fast a ball is pitched. I saw the guy setting it up and adjusting it, up close. And it was very cool to see the dug outs, the camera crew area etc.

So today I was able to pick up my mail, and got to open up my swap package from Heather from Speckled Egg for the ParTea Time Swap. As soon as I opened it up, a waif of wonderful smells came out it! It was the tea that she included, it smells amazing. I can't wait to have a cuppa!

P for ParTea Planning stuff is a really neat book called "Wedding Showers" and a book I was not even familiar with! I love the photos, the ideas, the recipes. It's a great resource and I will definitely use it for my business! She also included a shabby chic notepad with darling floral tacks. I will use it in my home office.

A is for Aprons for Risa and Raina. I absolutely LOVE the polka dot aprons that has a pocket with potholders! I can't wait to get a picture of my and Raina baking in them. They are perfect: Pink and Polka dots - my favorite!

R for Really Yummy Tea does smell very yummy. Like I said, I can't wait to have a cuppa.

T is for Teacup & Saucer. Heather gave a very detailed cream colored butterfly t & s. It is so pretty - the butterflies are raised, the saucer has cut-outs and also a raised design.

E is for Extra Goodies. She included cute teapot & teacup cookie cutters, tealights in pink flowers, honey sticks, stickers and paper serviettes. All wonderful things I will put to good use!

A is for A Pretty Set of Tea Towels. I love the design of these towels! I will use them at the tea parties I do, sometimes I have a tea towel hanging from my apron to wipe my hands and these will be perfect for that!

So thank you so much Heather, I love, love, love it all!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about it being so hectic! Thank goodness school is out for Summer, but heck - I had more time to myself for blogging and crafting before!!! I love the swap goodies you recieved! Hope you're enjoying summer :)

Ele said...

What great goodies. I especially like the polka dot aprons. How sweet of her to include one for your DD.

"Maggie" said...

I love the tea towels and matching aprons, how sweet.

I too just could not pass up on the cross, I am glad it brought you great memories.

Gracie said...

I came across your blog from seeing it on another blog but can't quite remember which one. You have some beautiful pictures and photos and it is all so very inspiring to look at =)


Scrappy Jessi said...

WoW! everything is gorgeous! what a lucky girl that heather is. to fun.
jessi nagy


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that I discovered your blog! I found it from a link on the Speckled Egg blog. Your blog is charming and, as you might guess from my name, devoted to one of my favorite topics: tea! I will be back.

"Early Bird" said...

I missed out on this swap but hope to participate next time...I love a cuppa and all the lovely creative ways the participants have done their swaps!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What wonderful goodies! I always love visiting your blog, I have added you to my side bar, now that it's finally behaving and giving me access.

Happy 4th!

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