Welcome First Day of Spring! Tea Party

I've been so busy getting things ready for our little First Day of Spring Tea Party that I forgot to provide a post for Comments.

So, please leave your comment here with a link to your blog's post about your spring tea party. Then later I will put together a link list.

Thank you in advance to everyone who is participating and enjoying their First Day of Spring!


Glenda said...

Come over and have a cuppa. The tables all set and ready.

Welcome Spring.



Tea Party Girl said...

If you haven't seen it yet, I posted on Monday! Come and see:


ShabbyInTheCity said...

I posted yesterday Risa :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Happy Spring! Thanks for hosting the party. I am thrilled for spring to arrive and ready to celebrate!


Vicki said...

Vicki at Hollyhocks.typepad.com

I posted today Risa. Not sure how to do a link from blogger.

Susan said...

In typical T-Party fashion, we love to celebrate spring! Check out our Welcome Spring Tea (along with a special story) at The T-Cozy (www.tparty.typepad.com)

Happy Spring!

Beth said...

I have posted about the Spring tea party my daugter had with my sister. You are never too young to enjoy tea.


GardenGoose said...

Have posted about the tea party and you may see my set up for Tea at my blog. I hope you like it.

Angela McRae said...

Thanks for coordinating this virtual tea party, Risa! Looking forward to seeing the tea talent I know will be on display here ...


Megan said...

My post is up! Youe welcome to come over and have a bite!http://meganscookin.blogspot.com/2008/03/spring-tea-party.html

Anonymous said...

What fun! Come visit at http://jennifercelebrates.wordpress.com!

Melissa Lester said...

You can see how we celebrated at home, then took our tea party on the road. Thanks for inspiring us to have a tea party today. What a lovely way to welcome Spring!


B said...

My friends and I had a wonderful time at our First Day of Spring tea party today! Thank you for hosting such a fun event. My pics are up on my blog at bzplace.blogspot.com
:) Brenda

Cathy said...

Hi Risa and everyone, please join in the fun here in North Carolina at our Happy Spring Tea!
Taking tea seriously,
ps, had a wonderful time, thanks for thinking of this Risa!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Risa,
Hope I'm not to late, I commented before, however, did not see it posted.
Please stop by and visit my tea party.
Hope everyone enjoyed theirs.


Adventures in Little Shindigs said...

Hi Risa,

Thank you for hosting such a fun event. My daughter and I had a lovely time. Hop on by and see our pics.


restyled home said...

Oops! I added my comment to your first post detailing the rules!

Anyway, here is the link to my attempt at a tea party:


Donna Collins said...

Thank you for the chance to celebrate Spring. Sheridan and I had a Fairy Tea party. Hope you'll stop by!

SweetTea & Treasures said...

Hi Risa, I just posted my pics. What a great day, thanks for the inspiration!
Come see me at;

April said...

Hey, I am not sure where I left my comment before, but here is my link



The Farmer Files said...

Aloha from Hawaii! We had such fun celebrating the first day of Spring!


Sweet Designs said...

Hi Risa, thanks for hosting the event, I had a lot of fun!


Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

Hello! I subscribe to "Tea Time" and saw the article about you and your service ~ congratulations! I'd love to be part of you link list if it's still open for new members. Take care~

~ Arleen

charlotte said...

i had a spring tea party with my neices.
8 of us all dressed up and i found really cute plates made into shapes of flowers at a clearance so each girl had a flower plate, could pick their favorite tea cup, we all changed our names to flower names............some how i ended up with peonies and they all thought that was funny.
they ranged from ages 7 to 13, great fun was had by all

Anonymous said...


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